There are more than 30,000 commercially exploited for sex on any given day in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas annually ranks as one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. The city’s tolerance for numerous forms of adult entertainment earned it the title of Sin City. With the “tolerance” of these numerous forms of adult entertainment, criminals have taken advantage of the loose nature of this city. Sex trafficking is at an all time high.

Operation For Freedom exists to provide effective outreach to the sexually exploited by establishing and working with a cooperative network of affiliates, organizations, and professionals currently involved in the fight against sex trafficking. We’ve learned that collaboration and partnership are the only way to effectively fight this issue and when we say “We”, we refer to all those organizations and individuals who come together to make an operation a success. One organization can’t possibly do it all. We are a team.

We would love to have you join us on a week of “Operation For Freedom” to experience outreach, learn, and be equipped to fight sexual exploitation in your community. Let us help you find your place in the fight.


1. What do registration costs cover? The registration cost pays for 5 days of Outreach Materials, Management, Leadership, Snacks & Water for the entire team, swag items like: T-shirt, journal, pens, etc. 

2. What is our team responsible for during the week? Teams need to fundraise for travel to and from Las Vegas, Lodging, Meals and Transportation while in Las Vegas. We have some recommended lodging, but don’t offer any block room rates at this time. We expect teams to show up at scheduled ministry times. You’ll be given a detailed schedule one week prior to arriving. This will give you adequate time to plan down times. 

3. When is registration due? Three months prior to your week of outreach a 50% deposit is due. The remaining registration is due 30 days from your week of outreach. Once we have a 50% deposit, we send out a volunteer registration link for each attendee. We do background checks and get to know each volunteers needs and why they are attending. 

4. What does a week of outreach look like? We normally have a time of devotion, educational session and training in the mornings. Normally 9AM to 12PM.  We break for lunch, return to the general meeting location for an outreach training and prep. The afternoons are spent doing outreach. Typical day is 8-10 hours but can vary. 

5. Are there outreaches for men to take part in? 
Yes. We have various strategic outreaches involving men and women. 

6. Is it safe? 
Yes. Every outreach we do is safe and set up to work well for all teams coming in. We are in the inner city, so typical precautions will need to be taken. (Lock. your car doors, don’t go out alone at night…etc.)

2024 Registration

Cost- $450

The Registration Cost Breakdown:

$300 Project Cost, Outreach SuppliesMaterials, Management.

$100 Personal Swag Pack: Journal, T-shirt, Pen, Sunglasses, Stickers, Coffee Mug…Etc. (this varies)

$50 Snacks, Drinks, Waters. 1-2 meals provided. (Meals vary week to week) 

Start the process of booking a trip by sending us a message. You’ll be assigned a trip coach that will answer all your questions. Thanks for serving the exploited and trafficked with us.

2024/25 Scheduled Trips

2024 Scheduled Outreach Trips

         March 18-22 OPEN 

October 15-19 OPEN

November 12-16 OPEN

2025 Scheduled Outreach Trips

February 4-8 OPEN

March  OPEN

October 7-11 OPEN

2025 You can schedule a new week