HUMAN TRAFFICKING is a crime, that not so long ago, was only whispered about. Most people never knowing for sure if it truly existed, and if it did, it must be found only in remote areas of the globe. Today, we know that is not the case. Human trafficking exists and it is flourishing in all areas of the world.

ENding human


is our mission.

Andrew and Caleb, the co-founders of the nonprofit organization Operation for Freedom, never thought they would fight modern-day slavery. Through the twists and turns of life they were both faced with the ugly truth of this crime and began to get involved in various efforts to stop it. After years of learning and serving in a variety of ways they united their efforts and Operation for Freedom was started.


An Effective Team That Understands the Mission

At Operation for Freedom, our team understands the mission to bring an end to human trafficking by reaching the exploited and vulnerable and offering hope and resources. 

Each team member is self-funded, which means they are responsible for raising their own salaries. This means you have two tax-deductible ways to support the cause at Operation for Freedom. You can give directly to the organization by clicking on the donate button or you can choose to support one or multiple team members. When you support a team member, 100% of the funds goes directly to keep them on the field. 

Dominic Scott

Andrew Dawson

Andrew founded Operation For Freedom after encountering Human Trafficking up close within his own community, and for the past decade has been actively engaged in the fight.  He is committed to the abolition of modern-day slavery through investigation, outreach operations and helping families in crisis. His calling has taken him into the darkest places in America and Mexico to reach the vulnerable. He has been a featured speaker on the topic of human trafficking at events and school assemblies across the nation every year. He and his wife Ashleigh have two daughters and live in Colorado.

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Dominic Scott

Caleb Monson

Caleb Monson is co-founder of Operation for Freedom. While being a youth pastor for 3 years, God began increasing his passion for the issue of sex trafficking. In 2019, he became a missionary to see this injustice end through Operation for Freedom. Caleb is involved in leading mission teams, searching for missing kids, and speaking across the country to communities, and in school assemblies, educating about human trafficking. Caleb, his wife Brittnee, and son Maxwell, live in Northern Minnesota. They enjoy spending their time off in the outdoors and traveling.

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Cindy Wishard

Cindy Wishard is our Mission Team Coordinator.  Cindy specializes in helping our volunteer mission groups prepare for their trip as well as answer questions and help guide them along the way.  She also attends our Operation for Freedom mission trips and helps lead our teams with her boots on the ground. Her passion for victims of human trafficking, reaching the vulnerable and serving the teams of people who give their time has led her to join our team.

Cindy, her husband and four children live in Northern MN. In her spare time she works as a substitute teacher. She enjoys creating, learning and reading.

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Dominic Scott

Caleb Dawson

Caleb Dawson has spent the last 12 years in the field of student counseling and SAR’s work. He’s committed to leveraging technology and data analytics to enhance search operations, ensuring a targeted and effective approach to reaching victims of human trafficking. His leadership extends to a dynamic team of professionals who share a passion for justice and humanitarian efforts. Driven by a mission to eradicate human trafficking, he continuously seeks innovative solutions and partnerships to strengthen the impact of Operation For Freedom. Caleb lives in Texas with his wife and daughter.

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Nina Schilling

Nina’s heart is for those in vulnerable situations, which is why working with Operation For Freedom is a great fit! She leads our teams in Las Vegas with joy and contagious energy reflecting the love and hope of Jesus to everyone she meets. 

Nina Lives in Kentucky where she works at the Ark Encounter. Outside of work she enjoys quality time with family, going to the gym, and being at the barn with horses. 

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Michael Cleveland

After being missionaries and an associate / worship pastor for around 12 years, Michael and Amanda Cleveland are dedicated advocates in the fight against human trafficking working with Operation for Freedom.  Over a decade after witnessing the devastating impact of this crime of sexual exploitation on vulnerable family members in their hometown of Houston, Texas, a passion to see justice was ignited in them.

Over the years Michael has been leading teams, developing trainings and teaching trainings in this field.  He speaks across the nation where he shares his knowledge and experience to raise awareness about the signs of human trafficking and the importance of community involvement in its eradication.

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Joey Ingelhart

Joey Ingelhart is a dedicated videographer committed to capturing powerful footage for Operation for Freedom, focusing on documenting the ongoing fight against human trafficking. Through his work, he contributes valuable insights and visual narratives that highlight the efforts of organizations working tirelessly to combat human trafficking.
Joey and his wife, Whitney, have two daughters and one son and live in the Salt Lake City.

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